When preparing for prelims, one has to do smart work as well as hard work. What is vital for prelims is the need to do constant,consistent revisions.

Avoid the urge to read chase after multiple sources. it is better to read one book a hundred times than a hundred books once. It is important to continue working on topics that you have finished and revise it often. Even while revising, give special importance for those topics which are recurring every year in the previous year questions.

Keeping aside revisions, which is a part of the hard work schedule, you should do some smart work as well. Topics like Environment, Polity, Economy, Modern Indian History usually gives the most questions. So devote your time accordingly so that the time allotted is proportional according to the weightage of questions asked. Also, current affairs have to be revised at regular intervals. Keep revising small portions of current affairs at regular intervals s\so that it does not appear like a mountain in the later days. Having a good grip of the static topics and daily revision of current affairs will make prelims easier to crack.

Attempt previous year’s UPSC questions and understand how questions are asked. After doing this, go back to revising the source material. If you have given enough time to UPSC questions, your eyes will automatically find probable questions for prelims from your source book and you will be trained such that no detail will go unnoticed.

This has to be supplemented by continuously attempting a test series to sharpen your skills. This is why Officers IAS Academy has a weekly test cycle to ensure that student remain upto date and have a consistent practice.

Kindly make sure that the test series that you attend is of good quality so that you get the right amount of pressure. As many questions are being asked from NCERT, it is important to read them thoroughly and include them in your revisions. This is why Officers IAS Academy has a separate test series for NCERTs that aspirants write to help them deepen their understanding of the subject matter. This test can be downloaded and be used for free from our website if you wish to test your knowledge on various NCERT.